Service Streams

Reasons to Refer

  • A strong baseline assessment enables the ability to more accurately monitor change
  • Provides best-practice patient care
  • Extends the capabilities of your practice by accessing more than 30 state-of-the-art ocular imaging technologies in one location
  • Remove financial barriers to accessing advanced ocular imaging
  • Avoid preventable vison loss in patients at-risk of eye disease by identifying early signals
  • Determine the best course of action for patients suspected of eye disease with timely and detailed information
  • Monitor patients with known conditions, by receiving sequential imaging to track changes over time
  • Obtain excellent levels of service and assistance for your patients
  • You continue to retain patient management
  • CFEH services assists practitioners in confidently deciding which patients are appropriate for monitoring, and which should be referred for specialist treatment

Referral Types

There are three options when referring to the Centre for Eye Health.

Option One:

The Imaging and Visual Function service is for optometrists and ophthalmologists and provides access to results from any of the instruments available at the Centre. The report is purely an interpretation of the images alone and is designed to provide information to assist with patient management.

Option Two:

The Ocular Condition Assessment service is for optometrists and provides in-depth analysis related to a suspected underlying condition. This may involve consultation with one of the Centre’s consultant ophthalmologists.  Treatment will however not be initiated and a second opinion on current treatment will not be provided.

Option Three:

The Glaucoma Management Clinic is a shared care service providing optometric and ophthalmological assessment including advanced eye imaging for patients who are glaucoma suspects or who have glaucoma. To find out more about the Glaucoma Management Clinic click here