Referral Procedure

The services provided by CFEH are free of charge to residents of NSW and the ACT and their referring practitioner. Virtual consult services are available to Learning for Vision members only.

All individuals seen at CFEH must be referred by their eye-health practitioner, such as an optometrist or ophthalmologist, using the Centre’s referral system.

All referrers are required to register with CFEH prior to referring people. This ensures that the Centre has a record of each referrer’s contact details and preferred delivery method for test results.

When referring a person to the Centre, eye-health practitioners are required to indicate either a test suite, such as the glaucoma test suite, or  individual tests that CFEH is to perform.

Once a referral request has been received, an appointment is made directly with the individual concerned. The length of the appointment varies depending on the tests to be conducted.

The referring practitioner may be contacted to obtain further information necessary to make an appropriate appointment.

To learn more about CFEH’s referral procedure, please contact us on 1300 421 960.