To improve eye health and quality of life by reducing the incidence of preventable vision loss within our community in NSW and the ACT.


To provide our community with increased access to advanced diagnostic services and ensure the early identification of eye disease.

Core Services

  1. Advanced imaging and diagnostics service for early detection of eye disease.
  2. Expert clinical recommendations and advice on eye imaging and visual system diagnosis. Where appropriate, CFEH optometrists consult with ophthalmologists from South Eastern Sydney Local Health District for interpretation of test results and to determine suitable management of clients.
  3. Provision of optometric education and awareness of eye disease.


Provide services free of charge to the client.


  1. To have a substantial impact on eye health in NSW/ACT and Australia by providing increased access to advanced eye imaging and diagnostic services that facilitate the early detection of eye disease;
  2. To provide high quality advanced eye imaging and diagnostic services to optometrists and ophthalmologists;
  3. To provide education and support for the advancement of the optometric profession;
  4. To be a valuable resource for the public health system in the area of eye health care;
  5. To ensure we remain a growing, sustainable and socially responsible provider of services.