To improve eye health and quality of life by reducing the incidence of preventable vision loss within our community in NSW and the ACT.


To provide our community with increased access to advanced diagnostic services and ensure the early identification of eye disease.

Core Services

  1. Advanced imaging and diagnostics service for early detection of eye disease.
  2. Management of eye disease in collaboration with ophthalmologists.
  3. Reduction of waiting times for public health ophthalmology patients through the development of innovative new referral pathways
  4. Provision of integrated, patient-centric care through co-located Centre and Guide Dogs NSW/ACT vision rehabilitation services.
  5. Research into both eye disease and referral pathways. Publication of this research in peer-reviewed publications.
  6. Education of Optometrists and General Practitioners

Core Guiding Principles

  1. Increased integration with the public hospital ophthalmology and Guide Dogs NSW/ACT
  2. A targeted and sustainable approach to expansion
  3. Consistent use of an evidence based approach


  1. To provide a triage service for public hospital ophthalmology.
  2. To provide collaborative care with ophthalmology for those with stable conditions.
  3. To enhance credibility through research and publications and to demonstrate clinical expertise through education.
  4. To ensure we remain a growing and financially responsible organisation.
  5. Careful management of the transition process from current referral-only focus to Triage service and collaborative care.