Optometrist FAQs

Optometrist Resources

“Sometimes I am not completely confident in my interpretation of a patient’s results that are sent to me by CFEH.  What should I do in these cases?”

The Referrer Advice Line is a free service for all referring optometrists. Simply call 02 8115 0777 to speak directly with a CFEH optometrist, who can clarify test results or answer any other related questions.

We also encourage all referrers to utilise our resources including Facebook Cases, Chairside References and other free resources. We also provide CPD events and courses which focus on the practical interpretation of imaging results, allowing you to make the most of the services at CFEH.

 “I know that CFEH has a large range of instruments, but I’m not sure about exactly what all of these are and what information they can provide me with.” The CFEH instrument list is available and we are currently in the process of developing an expanded guide on the testing available at the Centre.
Patient Reports
 “How soon after the patient appointment should I expect to receive the report? Why do some reports take longer to be sent than others?” The average turnaround time for reports is five business days. Occasionally a report take a little longer, this usually occurs when an ophthalmologist is consulted about test results.
 “How will I receive the patient reports? Since April 2013, Centre for Eye Health has provided all reports electronically through Medinexus. Click here to get information on applying for and accessing electronic reports through Medinexus.
 Continuing Professional Development
 “I need CPD points, what can the Centre offer that is interesting and useful?” In addition to free references and Facebook cases, the Centre offers Master Classes (a small-group, hands-on educational session) and In-Clinic Grand Rounds (attend the Centre for a half day to observe and discuss imaging with the Centre clinicians) to top referring optometrists.
Centre for Eye Health also runs an online CPD platform Learning For Vision. Through Learning for Vision you can get all your CPD points via monthly Webinars and case studies. The fees for purchasing membership go towards the Centre keeping services free for both clients and referrers.
 Working Together
 “I like to find out what’s happening at CFEH, and how the services can help my clinic and my patients. I just don’t seem to find the time to stay up to date though.” CFEH staff are available to visit your practice upon request, to talk about the services available at the Centre and yours or your patient’s experience of the Centre. Please contact David Murray if you would like to organise a time for someone to visit you in your practice.
Building Your Business
“How can CFEH help me to build my patient base?”CFEH supports the profession of optometry, and key to this is helping you to build trust and long-term relationships with your patients.

In 2017 we will be rolling out the CFEH Partnership Program. As part of this program we will be providing referring optometrists with a range of benefits to help differentiate your business. This will include certificates, plaques, point of sale material, online support and much more.