New article highlights the current optometric challenges regarding glaucoma

Feb 10, 2016

Chief optometrist Michael Yapp and Senior CFEH research associate Dr Barbara Zangerl has recently written an article for optometrists detailing the challenges associated with detecting, diagnosing and managing glaucoma in the Australian eye-care system.

The article, which features in this month’s issue of Mivision, highlights the changing landscape for optometrists in light of new standards and guidelines from Optometry Australia and evolving understanding of glaucoma through clinical research and better evidence-based practice.

The article also highlights the Glaucoma Management Clinic (GMC), a collaborative care model for glaucoma run by CFEH in collaboration with the Prince of Wales ophthalmology department and one of the new variety of patient care models and treatment options now available for glaucoma patients.
The full article is available online at the mivision website

Further details of the GMC are outlined in the research article Jamous KF et al (2015) Clinical model assisting with the collaborative care of glaucoma patients and suspects. Clin Exp Ophthal 43:308-19