New CPD Program: LearningforVision

Mar 1, 2013

The Centre’s new LearningforVision website

In early March, 2013 Centre for Eye Health in NSW launched a new online Continuing Professional Development program for optometrists.

LearningforVision features a range of online CPD activities and modules to help optometrists undertake their continuing education requirements. The program focuses on eye disease diagnosis through the accurate interpretation of advanced imaging.

“Interpretation of imaging is critical to its successful implementation and ultimately the prevention of vision loss through appropriate management.  As a result, it makes sense that we share our knowledge and experience with as many optometrists as possible via education” said Michal Yapp, Chief Staff Optometrist.

The site can be accessed by paying to become a member and contains a number of activities including; case studies, review articles, podcasts, quizzes, a resources library as well as live webinars.

Those who sign up to the program will also be offered exclusive access to ‘virtual consults’ which allow optometrists to send their patient images to CFEH for assistance in interpretation via a secure online website. Virtual consults are perfect for optometrists with their own imaging equipment, access to imaging equipment, or to demonstrate how to apply the interpretation skills learnt in the LearningforVision CPD activities.

The program was developed off the back of a brainstorming session, looking at how Centre for Eye Health could extend their reach and have greater impact in the community. Simultaneously, the staff at CFEH were developing ideas to provide better services to those who live rurally; an online website was the perfect fit.

“Providing education to optometrists is more than CPD for us, it’s about creating education that will give optometrists the tools they need to potentially make a difference to their patients’ life. It’s about optometrist getting patient-focused education, the information they need to see the patient’s whole story, the ability they need to make the right diagnosis and most importantly, making that knowledge accessible, hence the online nature. Learning for Vision isn’t just a website; it’s an attitude to education”. – Michael Kalloniatis, Centre Director

For more information on the LearningforVision site, including membership details click here