Highly successful year for CFEH research team

Dec 14, 2015
The CFEH research team is celebrating their most productive year to date with 15 publications accepted into print including four articles authored by PhD students.
Research highlights from this year include five review articles on optic nerve head swelling¹, white dot syndromes², pigmented lesions of the retinal pigment epithelium³, Fuchs uveitis syndrome⁴, and one on the vitreous in the prestigious journal of Survey of Ophthalmology⁵. These reviews illustrated key features of these diseases using advanced imaging of cases seen at CFEH and should help clinicians in understanding and diagnosing these conditions.CFEH director, Professor Michael Kalloniatis also successfully published research on a new visual field paradigm⁶,⁷ with potential applications to improving eye disease detection in collaboration with Dr Sieu Khuu at the School of Optometry at UNSW. Collaborations of Professor Kalloniatis with the University of Melbourne and Auckland also led to publications on the inherited retinal dystrophy, Retinitis Pigmentosa⁸, and its pathogenesis in animal models⁹. The role of a potential herbal treatment in retinal disease, vinpocetine, has also been explored¹⁰.

CFEH has had a productive year regarding it ongoing glaucoma-related research with three important publications on the practice patterns of Australian and New Zealand optometrists regarding glaucoma¹¹⁻¹³. The article by Yoshioka et al¹³ has received considerable interest on a new metric (Altmetric*) currently on a score of ‘32’ which places it in the top 3% of all articles on this metric. CFEH also published research on the repeatability of a key advanced imaging measurement parameter in glaucoma detection¹⁴. New research into age-related macular degeneration was also published by the group this year and showed for the first time that “normal” parts of the retina in patients with this disease may in fact abnormal¹⁵.

2016 promises ongoing research productivity with several publications currently under preparation.
For further information, see links below to all publications by CFEH researchers for 2015.

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