Online Education: Learning for Vision

Launched in March 2013, Learning for Vision is an education website that provides continuing professional education to optometrists in a range of convenient formats, in most cases allowing them to choose the location, the pace, or the time most suitable for them; you can even do it from home (we call it ‘pyjama CPD’)!

Utilising the online platform, the courses are highly convenient for optometrists who find it difficult and/or expensive to travel long distances to earn CPD, for example regional optometrists, optometrists who are currently not practicing but wishing to stay registered, or those with young children finding it difficult to get a babysitter.

The online nature also means busy optometrists can start, save, and resume different courses in between seeing patients or during down-time at their practice.

The courses are designed to equip optometrists with the knowledge to better diagnose their patients through the interpretation of advanced imaging, which will ultimately lead to better detection of eye disease, and help to save sight in the community. Accurate and early diagnosis of eye disease is paramount to saving sight in many individuals; in fact 70% of vision loss can be prevented if detected early! That’s why we believe educating optometrists (who are at the forefront of eye disease detection and diagnosis) is so important to the community.

What CPD can I do?

  • Face-to-face online Webinar conferences
  • Interactive case-studies
  • Video lectures (video/audio presentations) + questions (2CPD points each)
  • Access to the resources library including clinical guidelines, instrument guidelines, instrument interpretation tips & more
  • Access to Virtual Consultations

*Number of accessible webinars may change depending on the sign-up date as these events are provided live.

Visit the Learning for Vision site now to learn more and see a site demonstration!