Glaucoma Management Clinic

A collaboration between the Prince of Wales Hospital Ophthalmology Department and the Centre for Eye Health.

The Glaucoma Management Clinic (GMC) is a shared care service providing optometric and ophthalmological assessment including advanced eye imaging for patients who are glaucoma suspects or who have glaucoma. One of the goals of this collaborative-stratified service is to maximise the timely availability of public health care and provide an effective system of care. The GMC is intended to free up Ophthalmologists in the public health system to see those most in need of their expertise.

The GMC was developed within guidelines provided by the Optometry Board of Australia and the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists (RANZCO). All CFEH protocols/data are reviewed and developed using peer-reviewed publications, some of which are being developed by researchers at CFEH and their collaborators. The shared care Glaucoma Management Clinic is designed to assist referring practitioners in the management of their patients.

Patients can only access the GMC by referral from their optometrist or ophthalmologist. The services provided by CFEH are free of charge to patients. The GMC is designed to complement and not replace existing optometry-ophthalmology pathways.

The Centre’s two distinct services are:

For therapeutically qualified optometrists, this shared-care model typically revolves around 6 monthly reviews, alternating between the Centre’s glaucoma management clinic and the referring optometrist, however the management plan may be tailored to individual patient’s needs.

An alternative model for non-therapeutically endorsed optometrist is available whereby the glaucoma will be managed by CFEH optometrists and consultant ophthalmologists with the referring optometrist maintaining the care of all other aspects of the patient’s ocular needs.

To register for the Glaucoma Management Clinic, please read the Terms and Conditions found in our registration form, then send the completed form to CFEH.

Following registration, to refer to the Glaucoma Management Clinic use the following form:

Glaucoma Management Clinic Referral Form