15th November 2016

Since the first fluorescein angiogram was performed in the late 1950’s, the significance of visualising the retinal vasculature has become increasingly well understood by eye care practitioners. This lecture will discuss the clinical relevance of established and new angiography techniques. During the first part of the lecture, Dr Assaad will outline the current role of the more invasive angiography techniques (fluorescein and indocyanine green) requiring the intravascular injection of dye. In the second part, Paula Katalinic will discuss how OCT angiography works and give practical tips on interpreting the results. Dr Assaad will then compare and contrast the three technologies and discuss the indications for each.

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11 October 2016

This presentation will give a practical approach to the assessment, differential diagnosis and referral of patients presenting with retinal vacular disease/ retinal haemorrhages. There will also be discussion of the potential role of OCT angiography in the assessment and management of retinal vascular conditions.

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13 September 2016

This lecture will present an in-depth look at lesions of the ocular surface, including a discussion on the diagnosis, management and surgical treatment of these lesions.

The lesions covered will include pterygium, ocular surface squamous neoplasia (OSSN) and pigmented ocular surface lesions. Suspicious features will be highlighted to look out for during an anterior eye examination which may indicate a potential malignancy.

9 August 2016

The eyelids are protective mechanisms required for optical clarity.

Clinical issues with the eyelids by way of function, form and malposition are described in this lecture.

12 July 2016

Macular changes can be difficult to differentially diagnose at times and range from innocuous to sight-threatening. Whilst age related macular degeneration is the most common macular pathology, practising clinicians should also be aware of mimicking disorders in order to better manage their patients.

This one hour presentation will draw from a number of macular based cased studies and impart the utility of core clinical techniques and advanced imaging to the differential diagnosis process.

14th June 2016

Viral eye disease can range from being relatively benign and self-limiting to catastrophic in the anterior segment.

This one hour live webinar presents a spectrum of viral eye disease that may present to your practice, and will discuss their short- and long-term management. In particular, therapeutic management options will be outlined.

19th April 2011

Outlines the applications of corneal topography within optometric practice, with specific focus on the Pentacam, including how to interpret results and who to refer.

December 12th 2010

This SCOPE event will explore retina eye diseases and the role of the OCT in investigating, diagnosing and managing these conditions. The keynote speakers are ophthalmologists Dr. Paul Beaumont and Dr. Kwon Kang.