Advanced Diagnosis and Management of Ocular Disease – OPTM7511

Advanced Diagnosis and Management of Ocular Disease provides guided learning to help optometric practitioners refine their diagnostic skills while consolidating and developing their knowledge of ocular disease.

The course aims in the first instance, to provide an extensive grounding in the theoretical aspects of ocular disease through video lectures and reading. This understanding of the core foundations of ocular disease will then be given practical application with candidates working through specially selected case studies, allowing them to refine and develop transferrable diagnostic skills. This involves developing the ability to firstly understand and interpret the results produced by cutting-edge ocular imaging technologies, and the clinical data.

Based on the analysis of this data in conjunction with other clinical findings, it is expected candidates will learn to generate a differential diagnosis, to identify any further testing that may be necessary and then, based on all the available information, formulate a diagnosis.

The case studies build critical diagnostic skills and problem solving abilities which combine with the foundation science material presented in the course to support ongoing learning. Finally, Advanced Diagnosis and Management of Ocular Disease will equip candidates with the knowledge necessary to appropriately manage a patient once a diagnosis has been reached.

Advanced Diagnosis and Management of Ocular Disease can be completed on-line, all resources needed to complete this course may be accessed either through Moodle, or the UNSW library.

The introductory lecture can be found here

The course outline can be found here